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Personal and
Commissioned Work,

Analog Illustrations

Over the last years I've created some watercolor drawings.
Whether for private purposes, as surprises or as commissioned work.

This is a small selection of it...
If you would like to order an illustration like these from me, just drop me a note.

'UNIVERSE' – "You only know a part of me. I am a universe full of secrets. "

'BEAUTY' – "An ugly personality destroys a pretty face."

'WORK IN PROGRESS' – "You are allowed to be a masterpiece and work in progress, simultaneously"

'INTRINSIC NATURE' – We were born in different shapes, colors, and size.
Not a single embryo was able to decide their dna or blood type. But that shouldn't make us less humans than the others. It's the diversity that makes us exquisite
and beautiful. Each of us is creativity, is uniquely magnificent and a being
never less than a masterpiece. – just like the plants. None is like the other,
all are unique and beautiful ♡





Reeves asked me to try out their drawing products... Try new painting utensils to draw a picture – of course I said yes! And I have to say that
I am absolutely satisfied with the utensils – especially the watercolor!

Take a look and of course here is the watercolor drawing!

The illustration is also available as print in my SHOP! Take a look!



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