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Take a look at a few cooperations of 2018 – below.

Take a look and if you are interested
to collaborate, drop me a note!


The people who know me well know that
I always wear special socks.
That's why I'm especially happy about the  packages from 'happysocks'!

Thanks so much for the crazy and cool socks!
Love them all


Have a look at the new autumn collection!

/ cooperation . product

/ cooperation . model


As an art director, I usually give the instructions
from behind the camera during photo shoots.
This time for a local optician I was in front of the camera as a male model.

I never liked myself with glasses.
But now there's not a day when I don't wear my glasses! I have to say, it was fun too! ! :)

The director behind the camera was the great photographer and friend Igor Miske!

Reeves asked me to try out their drawing products...


Try new painting utensils to draw a picture –
of course I said yes!


And I have to say that I am absolutely satisfied
with the utensils – especially the watercolor!

Take a look and of course here is the watercolor drawing!

/ cooperation . art utensils

/ cooperation . photographer


Philip Meinl – great photographer and friend has
a really nice and exciting photo project called '1daywith'. In this project, he accompanies creative minds for a whole day. From brushing your teeth
to sleeping.


I think this idea is really fantastic, because you can see that the creatives are normal people, just like everyone else.

That's why we thought that maybe there could be great pictures for my new website. Exciting, maybe not usual, but just pictures of me, how I am and what my daily life, my work and my art looks like.

/ cooperation . art contest



I had the great opportunity to do something creative for McDonald's weeks ago. There is a great competition where
the task is to interpret the Big Mac in a very personal and individual way. This is my way – more graphic than usual,
but I hope you still like it. #howBIGisyourMAC


The best artworks will be exhibited and auctioned at the McDonalds Children's Foundation for a good cause at the end
of the year. Join in bigmac.mcdonalds.de !

/ cooperation . product

barbecue accessory

Out of the ordinary! I want to take the chance to mention DEEJO knives .

The DEEJO is a knife that can be designed individually according to your own requirements – choice of materials, color, choice of illustration and engraving.

A perfect accessory for outdoors or at home!I think it is a great idea and I really like the tool to create your own personal and unique knife. Btw. it is also a special gift to others.

Have a look and create your own unique knife!

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